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Touch Tippers for Tough Jobs
Touch Tippers for Tough Jobs


Posted on May 14, 2015

Side tipper manufacturer, AZMEB, debuted its unique HVST model at the 2015 Brisbane Truck Show. Known for its appearance of two tubs on one tipper, the HVST was purchased by waste transporter, Remondis, and is purpose-built for the transport of waste, woodchip and other high volume, low density products.

High Volume Side Tipper AZMEB 3
AZMEB customer, Remondis, had their HVST (High Volume Side Tipper) on display at the Brisbane Truck Show and have since put the trailer into operation transporting waste.

“The AZMEB HVST was part of a focus on waste transport equipment by our tipper brands at the Brisbane Truck Show,” stated Craig Wallace, Tippers General Manager at MaxiTRANS, which manufactures the AZMEB brand.

“HVST stands for High Volume Side Tipper, which is exactly what it is,” he continued. “The lower tub is complemented by a hinged upper body, giving it the volume and appearance of two tubs on one tipper that it is known for. Due to the low density of the products it is designed to carry, the HVST is able to almost double the height of a conventional tipper, allowing companies to transport large volumes of product without having to switch to a walking-floor style trailer.”

“The tub of the AZMEB HVST is typically constructed of 450 grade wear plate steel and the upper body of aluminium. Volume can reach up to 85m3 per single trailer or 120m3 per B-Double and it can unload up to 10 times faster than most walking floor trailers.”

The HVST is available in rigid body, lead, tag, B-Double and road train configurations.

High Volume Side Tipper AZMEB 2
The HVST is able to unload up to 10 times faster than a walking floor trailer.

Craig said that importantly, while operators can carry high volumes of low density loads such as general household waste in the HVST, they can also carry high density loads such as sand and gravel by simply loading only the lower half of the two part body and side tipping as normal. “This makes it a multi-purpose, high utilisation unit.”

Finally, with work health and safety a priority in most organisations, AZMEB has also designed the HVST to provide the operator with utmost safety at all times. “A six function wireless remote control means the contents can be tipped without the driver ever having to leave the cab of the prime mover,” Craig said.

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