Touch Tippers for Tough Jobs
Touch Tippers for Tough Jobs
Touch Tippers for Tough Jobs


Posted on February 4, 2014

Located in the Queensland regional city of Bundaberg, De Gunst Transport undertakes bulk haulage contracts for the local sugar and mining industries. One major product which De Gunst carries is bagasse, the fibre which remains after the extraction of the sugar-bearing juice from sugarcane. Traditionally using walking floor trailers to carry this material, the company recently commissioned an AZMEB High Volume Side Tipper for the contract, which has doubled its daily loads of this low density material.

De Gunst Transport has a long history in Bundaberg. Beginning in 1988 as a single-truck operation, today its fleet includes 60 prime movers and 140 trailers, along with a range of earthmoving plant and equipment. Owner Bob De Gunst credits his company’s sustained growth to hard work and forging strong relationships with local customers and suppliers. “We’ve worked hard to build a name for ourselves in the local community,” says Bob. “Through strong local partnerships and word of mouth, we’ve been able to grow organically over the years to where we are today.”

“Certainly, keeping up to date with the latest technology available has helped to keep us at the forefront of the industry,” he continues. “For a number of years, we have used walking floor trailers to transport bagasse for the local sugarcane industry. More recently, I approached local trailer manufacturer, AZMEB, about their side tipping trailer that doubles the amount of drops we are able to make per day.”

Bob speaks of AZMEB’s High Volume Side Tipper (HVST), a side tipping trailer with a lower tub complemented by a hinged upper body, providing the volume and appearance of two tubs on one trailer. Volume can reach up to 85m3 per single trailer or 120m3 per B-Double.

AZMEB’s High Volume Side Tipper (HVST) is a side tipping trailer with a lower tub complemented by a hinged upper body, providing the volume and appearance of two tubs on one trailer.

AZMEB National Sales Manager, Grant Kemp, says that the HVST is a highly unique product. “The HVST can’t be found anywhere else in the world,” says Grant. “Its unique ‘double tub’ construction provides a higher capacity than other side tippers and it can unload up to 10 times faster than most walking floor trailers.”

The HVST is able to unload up to 10 times faster than a walking floor trailer.

“The tub of the AZMEB HVST is typically constructed of 450 grade wear plate steel and the upper body of aluminium,” Grant continues. “The unit is available in rigid body, lead, tag, B-Double and road train configurations.

“Importantly, operators can carry high volumes of low density loads, such as bagasse, in the HVST, but they can also carry high density loads such as sand and gravel by simply loading only the lower half of the two part body and side tipping as normal. This makes it a multi-purpose, high utilisation unit.”

Tipping is via a cordless remote, meaning the driver
never needs to leave the cab.

Bob states that it’s the increased unloading speed which has made all the difference to his business. “Particularly due to the short-trip nature of our bagasse haulage, where we transport the bagasse from the sugar mill to the storage site and back again, fast unloading is critical,” he says. “We are now achieving 48 tips per day. We managed only half that with walking floors, so it’s an enormous step forward.” Consequentially, De Gunst Transport has been able to deliver more tonnes of bagasse per day. “I thought we’d be able to reach up to 15 tonnes, but we have far outreached that, actually getting 19 tonnes per load, which is just intimidating,” says Bob.

With his first experience with AZMEB’s High Volume Side Tipper being so successful, Bob can see room for future additions to his fleet. “Certainly when some of my walking floors are due for replacement, I will be looking at replacing them with AZMEB HVSTs – with our recent results I’d be crazy not to,” he says.

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