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Posted on January 13, 2015

There’s more to waste disposal than just placing it in the bin and leaving it on your front lawn to be collected. When Bundaberg Regional Council recently decided to replace their old compactor trailer, used to transfer waste between their facilities, they investigated all options before deciding on an innovative AZMEB HVST side tipper, increasing their flexibility and volume capacity over their previous trailer.

Bundaberg Region Council AZMEB 1
AZMEB’s High Volume Side Tipper (HVST) is a side tipping trailer with a lower tub complemented by a hinged upper body, providing the volume and appearance of two tubs on one trailer.

To the average person, waste collection, whether it’s rubbish, recyclable goods or garden materials, is just another weekly household chore. But to the Bundaberg Regional Council in Queensland, waste collection is an important business. 14 garbage trucks transport the community’s waste between the council’s waste transfer facility and five landfill sites spread across the Bundaberg region.

“Once the waste arrives at our University Drive waste facility, we’ll then transfer some of it to our Bundaberg landfill site at Cedars Road,” says Gavin Crawford, Manager of Waste & Health, Bundaberg Regional Council. “It’s a 16km drive between those two sites, which on a round trip takes a little over an hour. The key to our operation is to maximise our efforts by delivering as much waste as possible per trip, which is why we need equipment that can hold up to 20-tonnes per load.”

According to Gavin, in the waste and recycling transport sector, speeding up the collection process by maximising load is the first point of emphasis. “Several years ago, we purchased a 60m³ rear discharge compactor trailer that would cater to our requirements. However, we felt with the waste disposal volumes rising, it was time to upgrade our units and we started researching options within the transport equipment market.”

Bundaberg Region Council AZMEB 2
Bundaberg Regional Council purchased an 85m3 AZMEB HVST for their waste transfer purposes.

Waste and recycling have always been areas where the Bundaberg Regional Council sees cutting edge technology as the best solution, but in their case it would take a rather unfortunate event to uncover that truth. In January 2013, tropical Cyclone Oswald ripped through parts of Queensland and New South Wales crippling many regions in its path including Bundaberg.

“During the clean-up process, we came across a company using an AZMEB High Volume Side Tipper (HVST) by chance, and we liked the fact it not only did the job, but that it could be top loaded with excess waste,” Gavin says. “That’s when we first got in contact with AZMEB.”

According to Sam Priebe, Technical Sales Manager at AZMEB, the extremely fast cycle time will help the Council make substantial gains. “The HVST is unique in that it has the volume and appearance of two tubs on the one side tipper. It tips very quickly and can be easily unloaded in just a matter of seconds,” he says. “The time saved in comparison to Bundaberg Regional Council’s old compactor trailers could lead to an extra load per day.”

Late last year, the Bundaberg Regional Council put into service its new 85m³ tri-axle AZMEB HVST. The decision to replace the older compactor trailer with a side tipper has already opened significant avenues in improved waste transport options. “Not only because it can achieve up to 21-tonnes of load, but because we can top load it using excavators, which could not be done using a compactor trailer,” Gavin explains.

Bundaberg Region Council AZMEB 3
The ability to top load the HVST provided greater flexibility for Bundaberg Regional Council, giving them the ability to load the trailer at any site, irrespective of the transfer station setup.

Due to being able to top load the trailers, Gavin says he now has the flexibility to load the trailer at any site, irrespective of the transfer station setup, which he was unable to do with his older unit. “This gives us a major advantage in top loading waste from the nearby Qunaba waste facility during slower periods, which is a substantial benefit. Overall, the AZMEB HVST significantly reduces time and more importantly, equipment costs.”

The Council’s AZMEB 85m³ side tipper features on-board weighing technology and a portable wireless remote-control system. “It’s a very OH&S–friendly unit and means the driver doesn’t have to get out of the vehicle at any time. He or she can simply drive the unit into its destination and discharge the load using one button on a six function remote control,” says Sam. “We’ve also fitted the HVST using latest disc brakes and airbag suspension, together with a multivolt EBS unit.”

Sam says the AZMEB HVST is ideal for cartage of waste and other low density products. It is available in rigid, lead, tag and road train configurations, with cubic capacities ranging from 85m³ per tag trailer to 120m³ per B-Double.

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